Unit 1: Different kinds of relationships

In this lesson you will learn more about

• Different kinds of relationships

• Friendship

• Love

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How do you relate to others? Tick the options that are true for you.

a) You don't have any friends

b) Your friends don't understand you

c) You don't know if you will ever get a date

d) You think you are unpopular

e) You like to order or boss your friends around

If you have ticked any of a-e, you need to work on your relationships skills. Carefully work through this chapter.

Learner, friend, child, sister, brother, mother, father, grandchild, aunt, uncle, boyfriend, girlfriend, teacher, employee, employer, colleague, client, customer...are a few of the many relationships we have.

Each kind of relationship is different. For example, there will be a more formal relationship between an employee and employer, or a teacher and a learner, than between a girlfriend and boyfriend. In a relationship between a teenager and a grandparent, there will also be a difference as compared to a relationship between two same-age classmates.